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We're Having a Baby!

A couple in the Bay Area starts off on the expensive, often complicated and emotional roller coaster of In Vitro Fertilization.  We follow them from the start while they make their decision to try IVF, and through live accounts of doctors visits, hormone shots and the complexities of beating the odds for having a baby after 30.

Produced by Sarah Krupp & Marcus Young

Finding dad

What happens when you grow up not knowing who your real dad is? Join us as we hear from The Needle Contributor Trish Herrera as she shares her personal, and sometimes funny journey, of finding her real father.  Her story takes us from New Jersey to the boxing gyms of Fresno in the 1960's.  From Los Angeles fights along side Mohammad Ali, to Italian restaurants.  It's a journey you wont want to miss.

Produced by Tanya Rose and Sarah Krupp

Blood Vines

The picturesque vineyards of Napa Valley were shattered by the shots of a small caliber handgun.  The result: two men, one an investor from the Silicon Valley, Emad Tawfilis, killed after running from his assailant.  The assailant, Robert Dahl,   his business partner,  took his own life following the shooting and a chase through Napa Valley by the local police.  What was left behind was a bag of money,  broken promises and a failed winery operation. The Needle takes a closer look at this tail of promise, wine, a brewery and now murder.

Produced by Sarah Krupp,  Tanya Rose & Marcus Young

Sanctuary City

Last summer, an illegal immigrant from Mexico was caught after an apparently senseless murder on San Francisco's picturesque waterfront. The shot fired from a stolen gun would shatter the lives of Kate Steinle's family and call into question the notion of the "Sanctuary City".  What comes next is an epic showdown between former San Francisco Supervisor and now Public Defender, Matt Gonzales and prosecutors.  But what happens when San Francisco's sanctuary City actually works the way it was meant to? We look into those stories as well as update you on what is quickly becoming the defining case for San Francisco Sanctuary City Laws.

Produced By Sarah Krupp and Jason Buchholz


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